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  1. This is great! Just a few minor alterations, the slide to unlock chevron > should now be next to the ‘slide to unlock’ text.

    Also it says ‘slide to unclock’.

    Otherwise, fantastic!

    Great job! 😉

  2. *embarrassing mistake* – sorry about that Richard! Have corrected the text and uploaded new ones. Though on this pic of iOS7 the chevron is on the bottom –

  3. Those shots were of the iOS7 beta prior to beta 4.

    From beta 4 onwards the lock screen is different. 😉

  4. Forever playing catchup with Apple!!

  5. Hey, great stuff, but I just downloaded the vectors, and the unlock chevron is still below the text and pointing up.

  6. Have changed it to look like the screens on the Apple iOS 7 homepage with a chevron next to the slide to unlock and rounded lines top and bottom. Please try the download again.

  7. Looks great, thank you!

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