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Collection of 10 Free High-quality Blurred Backgrounds

Here are a collection of mediocre photos from my collection run through a blur filter in Photoshop CS6 to create some really nice background which look great as the main hero image or background in a website design. I have included below the Photoshop Action with the blur settings. Hopefully it will work. Download:

5 Free High Resolution Pixelated Background Wallpaper Textures

Today’s freebie is 5 pixelated background wallpapers. Each of these was produced using a fantastic Photoshop action plugin called Pixelator by SparkleStock. Really easy to use and comes with 100+ actions to create a variety of different pixelated patterns using your own photos. You can purchase it from their shop over at Creative Market for only a […]

5 Free Vintage Typographic Bible Verse Posters

Today’s freebie is a selection of my photos that I have run through a variety of instagram styled filters. I used the online editing program over at Have a go yourself, it’s amazing how you can turn some mediocre photos in to something special with a few filters! Click on the images below to view the high-res […]