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Ian is a freelance graphic designer. He has helped a variety of clients from individuals and startups to large companies to successfully promote their businesses online and in print.

  • Daniel

    Thank you. May I use this tree for my blog?

  • Yeah sure. Love to see a link if you do!

  • Esteve


    Great job!! Please, may I use your lovely Origami tree to decorate my Xmas greeting email to
    my colleagues? Of course, Ill mention you as the author.

    Many thanks in advance!!

    Best regards,


  • Hi Esteve, that’s fine. Use it for whatever you want.

  • Diana

    Hi Ian,

    Came across this suble Christmas tree design and I would like to ask your permission to use it embedded in my holidays email to my partners. I’ll mention you in the image copyright, of course.

    Thanks in advance!


  • That’s fine Diana. Have a happy Christmas!

  • Tonci Jajic

    Great vector!

    May I use a modified version of this for a Facebook and web Christmas card?

  • Yeah sure. Design away. Have a great Christmas

  • Roberto (Brasil)

    Thanks a Lot.
    Have a great Christmas Night!

  • Joe

    Hi Ian,

    mai i use this for my xmas cards for my partners?, its nice, good work

  • Please do. Hope they like it.

  • Colin Hill

    Hi Ian,

    May I use a slightly modified version of your image as a logo for a community facebook page? Full credit will be given.

  • Siew Peiying

    Hi Ian,

    love the look of your work. may i use this to make xmas cards please? Thanks much!

  • thank you!

  • Henry Ainscough

    Thanks, I used this for a Christmas card base! nice job! 😉

  • Mario

    Hi Ian,
    May I use this image for commercial/promotional images for our christmas show?

  • ianbarnard

    Sue, that’s fine.

  • Alberto Manjarrez

    Ian, this design is amazing… thank you for making this available, I’ll use a slightly modified version to thanks my coworkers at the office… thanks again and happy holidays