Free Shabby Chic Vintage Rose Vector Pattern

pink rose shabby chic patternVector eps of a shabby chic vintage rose pattern. Very trendy! 


8 responses to “Free Shabby Chic Vintage Rose Vector Pattern”

  1. jo das avatar
    jo das

    This is exactly what I have been looking for for my blog. Check it out: I used your beautiful design as my background. Thank you!!! Better then anything I would need to pay for!

  2. khyden avatar

    Forgive my ineptness, but when I download this file, it still has your name strip across the bottom. How do I download it w/o that for the full view of the template? Or, how can I remove that once I download the image? Thanks!

    1. Ian Barnard avatar

      I have uploaded a new zipped file with a version that doesn’t have my logo on it. Hope that helps.

      1. Kara Hyden avatar
        Kara Hyden

        When I click on the download link, it keeps linking to a “page not found” error. I’ve tried it on 3 different computers and they all give me the same error message.

        1. Ian Barnard avatar

          Sorry, error in the link. Try now, it should then start to download.

          1. Kara Hyden avatar
            Kara Hyden

            That worked! Thanks so much!!! It’s a beautiful background!!!

  3. Heather avatar

    Thank you SO much for this, I am going to print this out in edible ink on edible paper and place around a cake as a bunting. You’ve made my day!

    1. Ian Barnard avatar

      Would love to see a photo of that!

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