5 Free Vintage Typographic Bible Verse Posters

Today’s freebie is a selection of my photos that I have run through a variety of instagram styled filters. I used the online editing program over at pixlr.com. Have a go yourself, it’s amazing how you can turn some mediocre photos in to something special with a few filters!

Click on the images below to view the high-res version.

The price of a nail

Rejoice in Hope

Gives me strength

Desires of your heart

Light to my path


Desktop wallpaper versions for the Psalm 119 photo:

1280 x 1024
1024 x 768


4 responses to “5 Free Vintage Typographic Bible Verse Posters”

  1. Emilia Venegas Hinojosa avatar

    I love this!! Could you make them for a wallpaper for Mac? I would love to have these in my screen! And yes, somehow those funky filters turn a ordinary image into something worth of a second look. Thanks!

    1. IanBarnard1 avatar

      Hi Emilia. Most of the photos are the wrong orientation for desktop wallpapers, but I have added 2 versions below the photo for Psalm 119. Hope that works for you.

      1. Emilia Venegas Hinojosa avatar

        That one worked perfectly, thanks! And too bad for the rest… 🙂

  2. Lucrecia avatar

    LOVEEE THEM!!!!!

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