Free Origami Christmas Tree Vector

Origami Christmas Tree Vector

Origami Christmas Tree Vector
It’s still over 3 months till Christmas but I’m already getting work coming in to the studio relating to the festive holiday. So if you’re in the same boat here is a free Origami styled Christmas Tree to use in your forthcoming designs.


18 responses to “Free Origami Christmas Tree Vector”

  1. Daniel avatar

    Thank you. May I use this tree for my blog?

    1. Ian Barnard avatar

      Yeah sure. Love to see a link if you do!

      1. Mario avatar

        Hi Ian,
        May I use this image for commercial/promotional images for our christmas show?

        1. ianbarnard avatar

          Sue, that’s fine.

  2. Esteve avatar


    Great job!! Please, may I use your lovely Origami tree to decorate my Xmas greeting email to
    my colleagues? Of course, I’ll mention you as the author.

    Many thanks in advance!!

    Best regards,


    1. Ian Barnard avatar

      Hi Esteve, that’s fine. Use it for whatever you want.

  3. Diana avatar

    Hi Ian,

    Came across this suble Christmas tree design and I would like to ask your permission to use it embedded in my holidays email to my partners. I’ll mention you in the image copyright, of course.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Ian Barnard avatar

      That’s fine Diana. Have a happy Christmas!

  4. Tonci Jajic avatar
    Tonci Jajic

    Great vector!

    May I use a modified version of this for a Facebook and web Christmas card?

    1. Ian Barnard avatar

      Yeah sure. Design away. Have a great Christmas

  5. Roberto (Brasil) avatar
    Roberto (Brasil)

    Thanks a Lot.
    Have a great Christmas Night!

  6. Joe avatar

    Hi Ian,

    mai i use this for my xmas cards for my partners?, its nice, good work

    1. Ian Barnard avatar

      Please do. Hope they like it.

  7. Colin Hill avatar
    Colin Hill

    Hi Ian,

    May I use a slightly modified version of your image as a logo for a community facebook page? Full credit will be given.

  8. Siew Peiying avatar
    Siew Peiying

    Hi Ian,

    love the look of your work. may i use this to make xmas cards please? Thanks much!

  9. Henry Ainscough avatar
    Henry Ainscough

    Thanks, I used this for a Christmas card base! nice job! 😉

  10. Alberto Manjarrez avatar
    Alberto Manjarrez

    Ian, this design is amazing… thank you for making this available, I’ll use a slightly modified version to thanks my coworkers at the office… thanks again and happy holidays

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