Free Peppa Pig and Family Vector

If you every watch Peppa Pig, like I do frequently with my daughter, you see that some of the appeal of the cartoon is its simplistic illustrations. No 3D rendering or even gradients her, just a plan outline with a solid colour fill. As I was watching I thought, ‘is it really that easy to do?’ In one word ‘Yes’. So feel free to download the vector I have created of Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig. And if you think my illustration is not up to par with the original then let me know. Always love the feedback whether good or bad.


7 responses to “Free Peppa Pig and Family Vector”

  1. Ninny Dani avatar
    Ninny Dani

    Hi this is amazing. The illustration looks original. Do you hve the illustration for the house?

  2. ianbarnard avatar

    Sorry, I don’t, but if I get time I’ll have a go at drawing it.

  3. RUTH avatar

    This is fantastic, I was thinking about doing it myself but you’ve saved me the trouble, my three year old is going to be so impressed as I will use it to print some stickers for her with her name on!

  4. ianbarnard avatar

    @Ruth – Didn’t take too long to do actually. Glad it will bring delight to your 3 year old. I have a daughter the same age, may be I should do some for her!

  5. Luke Bing avatar
    Luke Bing

    This is Brilliant… My daughter is almost 2 and absolutely obsessed with peppa. Im just in the middle of doing a full Peppa Pig themed birthday party for her birthday coming up. Invites, a big wall banner and a fun little stand where they can poke their heads through and be one of the characters. I thought i would have to redraw them but this is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Meg avatar

    sooo cute! thanks 😀 my daughter is on a Peppa Pig kick too 😉

  7. Fausto Santos avatar
    Fausto Santos

    Thank you! Very beautiful!

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