Free Polaroid Photo Template Vector

Polaroid Photo Template

Polaroid Photo Template

When I’m doing a photo spread for a magazine which has lots of photos that need laying out creatively, the use of Polaroid snaps is always a good one to use. Here is a vector template of a Polaroid film to add your photos (and captions) to.


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  1. Katie Triggs avatar
    Katie Triggs


    Thank you so much for creating these and offering them for free download. I’m really pleased to have found the polaroid and film strip especially.

    Unfortunately, I’ve never used Illustrator before and tend to muck along in PhotoShop. Would you mind explaining to me how I add my photos into these templates? Sorry to ask for more help when you’ve already been so generous by making these available!

    Thank you so much.

    Best wishes,

  2. Katie Triggs avatar
    Katie Triggs

    Hold that thought – I worked it out. Look…

    Thanks so much for the fab templates!

  3. ianbarnard avatar

    Like the DesignGeek has done it’s just a case of cropping off the background in Photoshop and resizing the photo to fit. Though glad you figured it out.

    Thanks for your comments and the link. Good to see my work in use!

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