Free UK Map Vector in Dots and Icon Pointers

UK map icon pointers

Download a free vector map of the UK, made out of dots. Comes with two sets of 6 colourful pointers to mark your favourite places on the map.


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  1. Neil avatar

    Thanks for that. I have been looking for a free uk map for a webpage im creating for ages but the only ones I could find were either NOT free at all or terrible. The OS (The Map People) have free maps to download but its in way too much detail for a web graphic. This is unique and very high quality. Thanks again.

  2. Chani avatar

    Thank you! just what I needed

  3. Ian avatar

    What a lovely chap! Thanks for this.

  4. THOMAS avatar


  5. Harriet avatar

    Thank you! 🙂

  6. John avatar

    Thanks a lot!!!

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