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Tutorial: How to create the Letterpress Effect in Photoshop

letterpress type PSD template

Click below to download the PSD template with live text to edit with all the effects applied to the layer. Download PSD The font I’ve used in the file is Pacifico, which you can download fromFont Squirrel. Below is a tutorial run through of how I did it.   Letterpress effect in Photoshop 1. Create you word you want to letterpress. In my case Letterpress (original, I know!) 2. Add a INNER SHADOW to the text layer. Blend mode needs to be MULTIPLY at 50% Black. Angle 90. Distance 2px and Size 4px 3. Now add a DROP SHADOW to the same text layer with the settings: Blend mode set...

Keep Calm and Carry On – Crown Graphic

The ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ posters seem to be as popular as ever, with people coming up with an unending number of alternatives. I’ve had a lot of interest in the vector template that I put up over a year a go and I know that some people don’t have access to programmes like Adobe Illustrator to be able to open it. So below I have just the Crown graphic from the posters so that you can use in on your own posters. Hi-res JPEG, Transparent PNG (in white) and PSD all in one zipped file. Text for the posters that I have used is Gill Sans. Download Zip...