Free Skateboard Deck Design Template – PSD

skateboard template

Today’s freebies is a photoshop vector template of 3 skateboard decks. You can add your own design by clicking on the smart layer for that deck design. Do your design then save it and it should show up on the board with the highlights / shadows and the correct shape.


7 responses to “Free Skateboard Deck Design Template – PSD”

  1. Gabriel Lavallée avatar
    Gabriel Lavallée

    Thank you very much for that template! One of the most realistic ones available for free! Great job! 😉

    For my own purposes, I modified some lighting to add the curved shape of the skateboard. If you are interested to see my modified file just email me and I will be happy to send it to you!

    1. Ian Barnard avatar

      Sounds great. Yeah sure. Where can I get your email address from?

  2. lloyd howell avatar
    lloyd howell

    These are the best templates I have found for free! Had great fun changing the graphics on them 🙂 Thank you a lot!

  3. lime avatar

    thank you very much for the templates.

  4. Norm avatar

    Exactly what I was looking for. Much thanks

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